Hungzhaou China

This is a sketch of the stone buddas that are carved into the hillside in hungzhaou China. I did this onsite and many people stopped and sat next to me watching.  They took picturs of me and it was quite charming. I enjoyed it.. 


About Larry Zink

I am an artist in Southeast Michigan. I have been using watercolor as a preferred medium for 15 years. I have also discovered that ink drawings and sketches with watercolor added is very exciting. I like to record scenes from travels in sketchbooks. Its an urban sketching look and I hope you enjoy it.
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3 Responses to Hungzhaou China

  1. Erin Waldie says:

    Reblogged this on The Artists Kitchen and commented:
    This painting is fantastic and wanted to share it 🙂


  2. kirkistan says:

    You have captured so much here. Really well done. It makes me want to go see it myself.

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